COVID-19 Update

We care a lot about our guests and want you to feel safe and comfortable in our restaurant. As you know, no one is immune or 100% safe from COVID-19, and we are all making personal decisions on what level of risk we are willing to take as we try to live our normal lives. The unfortunate truth is restaurants around the country are being decimated by the pandemic and more than 1/3 will never reopen. Should you choose to dine with us, which we hope is the case, we want you to know we are creating the safest environment we can for both our employees and guests.

We are open for business so that we can take care of those who serve you – many of whom we pay their healthcare and many who don’t get checks from the government. We are not making a profit right now with all of these operating limits, but that is not the goal right now, the goal is to keep our teams employed and food on their tables. And regardless of how safe we’re working to be – those who do not feel comfortable working here, or dining here, are not forced to come in.

As we learn more about this virus and how it spreads, we have created an industry-leading testing regimen and are gathering the information necessary to make responsible, data-driven decisions. We are proud of the program we have and especially proud of our family of employees working through this constantly evolving landscape.

These are the steps we are taking as we run this restaurant during a global pandemic.

  • All employees are tested every two weeks on the same day in a private facility organized by our company and our medical partner
  • Results are communicated in a timely manner and actions are taken to ensure the employee is notified as well as those who were in close contact
  • No one with a positive result is allowed to work in any of our restaurants for 14 days or until they show a negative test result
  • Every employee that tests positive will be monitored by our management team and medical needs will be taken care of
  • Each location has a 30-day antimicrobial coating/cleaning process that covers all dining areas, bar areas, patios, bathrooms, furniture, stairwells, and entry ways
  • Every employee, and every guest, has their temperature taken upon arrival
  • Every day, in every location, our staff follows all the CDC guidelines (and beyond) for social distancing, masks, hand sanitizer, and surface cleaning. ¬†We take this very seriously and have ongoing discussions and trainings with our staff

We appreciate your overwhelming support for our restaurants and know that we can make it through this together.