Elevate Your Corporate Event

Elevate Your Corporate Dining Experience with etta

It’s a time to celebrate achievements, foster team spirit, and show appreciation to employees. Planning the perfect holiday private event involves careful consideration of venue, ambiance, and most importantly, the food and beverages that will be served. This year, if you’re looking to make a lasting impression, join us at Etta.


1. Housemade Pasta & Pig Picnics

At the heart of Etta’s culinary experience is a menu that tantalizes taste buds and leaves a lasting impression. One of their signature dishes, Cacio e Pepe, is a celebration of simplicity and sophistication. The dish, featuring perfectly cooked pasta adorned with a luscious blend of Pecorino Romano cheese and black pepper, is a testament to Etta’s commitment to authentic flavors.

For those who prefer a hearty and rustic feast, the Pig Picnic* is a must-try. Slow-cooked to perfection, the tender pork is infused with smoky flavors, making it a delectable choice for meat lovers.

2. A Slice of Perfection

Nothing brings people together like pizza. Our pizzas are a symphony of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, artisanal cheeses, and handcrafted dough that’s crispy on the outside and delightfully chewy on the inside.

3. Refreshing Cold Margaritas: Cheers to Celebrations

Raise your glass to the spirit of the season with Etta’s refreshing Cold Margaritas. Crafted with the finest tequila, fresh lime juice, and a hint of sweetness, these margaritas are the epitome of cool sophistication. Served with a rim of salt and a wedge of lime, they add a touch of fiesta to your corporate celebration.

4. Old World Wines: Sip, Savor, and Celebrate

Etta’s wine selection is a journey through Old World vineyards, offering an exquisite range of flavors and aromas. From rich and velvety reds to crisp and refreshing whites, their wine menu is curated to complement the diverse range of dishes. Each sip tells a story of heritage and craftsmanship, adding a touch of elegance to your holiday event.

5. Exceptional Service: From Concept to Culinary Perfection

Beyond the extraordinary menu, Etta prides itself on its exceptional service. Their team of experienced professionals works closely with corporate clients to understand their vision and tailor every detail of the event accordingly. From the initial concept to the execution of the event, Etta ensures a seamless and memorable experience for all attendees.

In conclusion, choosing Etta for your corporate holiday event means choosing an unforgettable culinary journey. With a menu that celebrates the artistry of food and beverages, impeccable service, and a warm, inviting ambiance, Etta promises a celebration that will be talked about long after the event is over. Elevate your corporate holiday gathering with Etta and indulge in a feast that engages the senses and creates lasting memories.

An evening with Mattia Cristofoli

*By Anna*

Hello, you wonderful wizards of the corporate world!

If you’re anything like me, a fellow corporate professional in Chicago, life can get hectic while juggling deadlines, meetings, and learning your co-worker’s favorite coffee order. With the holiday season right around the corner, selecting the perfect venue for your company’s holiday party can be quite the task. It’s that time of year when our inboxes are flooded with invitations and our calendars are booked solid. I’m here to take away the added stress of finding the best venue for your corporate holiday party –  etta is your go to venue that will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. 

Why etta is the ultimate holiday haven for your next corporate event in Chicago

1. Location, Location, Location!

Located in the heart of Chicago, etta is easily accessible for everyone traveling to your corporate event. Whether you have guests coming from the North suburbs or venturing from the South suburbs, etta’s central location ensures that no one is left making that dreaded “it’s too far” excuse. 

2. Exquisite Ambiance

With a cozy interior, soft lighting, and elegant aesthetics, etta offers a warm retreat from Chicago’s chilly winds. Your team will instantly feel at home, unwinding and mingling the night away. etta’s event team will coordinate with you to ensure the ambiance meets your expectations for your corporate event. Whether you are looking for a low-key atmosphere for mingling or a high-energy environment for celebration, etta is here to accommodate your needs. 

3. Foodie Heaven

Any seasoned executive assistant or office manager knows that food can make or break a corporate event. At etta, our dishes are nothing short of culinary masterpieces with outstanding flavor packed into every bite. Our passionate chefs craft a menu that’s both innovative and comforting, ensuring even the pickiest of eaters leave with satisfied palates. etta’s event team will work directly with you to plan the perfect menu that caters to all guests in attendance.  

4. Customization Queen

Private events at etta are tailored to perfection. No two events at etta are the same – we pride ourselves on customization to allow you to create the perfect corporate event for your employees. Our dedicated event team works with you to ensure every detail, from décor down to dietary requirements, is met with meticulous precision. We’re here to help bring your event to life down to every last detail! 

5. A Night to Remember

While any restaurant can offer food and drinks, etta goes the extra mile to also provide an experience for everyone. Our top-notch staff, from the front door to the kitchen, is trained to make every guest feel like the most important person in the room. Plus, let’s not forget our secret weapon: the rooftop view. Overlooking Chicago’s skyline, it’s the cherry on top of an already delightful evening.

6. Budget-Friendly Brilliance

Quality doesn’t always have to come with an astronomical price tag. At etta, we understand the importance of staying within a budget, especially when it comes to corporate events. We offer packages that provide the best value without needing to compromise on the experience. Our team will work with you to curate a food and beverage menu that fits your budget. 

To wrap it up (see what I did there? A little holiday pun!), etta isn’t just another restaurant in the Windy City; it’s a retreat for memories waiting to be created that won’t be forgotten. So, dear executive assistants and office managers, while I can’t assist with last-minute scheduling changes or the never-ending printer issues, I can confidently say that choosing etta for your company holiday party will be the best decision you make this season. What are you waiting for? Get a head start on planning your next corporate private event at etta by reaching out to us! 

Cheers to a holiday filled with laughter, joy, and fabulous food at etta! 🥂



Centered around a wood-fired hearth, we create sophisticated yet familiar dishes using expert cooking techniques. With a frequently updated menu of wood-fired pizzas, housemade pastas, and farm fresh salads, etta is a celebration of rustic cuisine that is thoughtful of the season.